{ Review } Almay Intense I-Color Gel Smooth Liners

Almay Intense I-Color Gel Smooth Liners, R179 each

What they say: Make eyes stand out with a bold look that pops. This unique set of liners has been designed to create the precise defined look of a liquid liner with the smooth and easy application of a pencil. Say goodbye to the frustration of uneven lines with faded results – Almay’s new gel liner formula glides on smoothly and evenly leaving a flawless line of high impact, rich colour in one easy and simple swipe. Created with eye colour in mind, each liner is expertly matched and coordinated to amplify brown, blue, hazel or green eyes for a long-lasting bold look without smudging or fading.

What I say: When I first saw these liners, I instantly loved the idea of them. Although, Physician’s Formula already to eye colour matching with their liners, these felt softer and easier to apply.

There are four shades:

Black for brown eyes

Navy for blue eyes

Charcoal for hazel eyes

Espresso for green eyes

Now these aren’t the traditional colours recommended to make each eye colour pop, but I decide to put the Navy to the test. I have blue eyes, so can only tell you what I thought about this particular colour match.

The shade does goes well with my eye colour, but I’ve used navy for years as an alternative to the often too harsh black. The formula is soft and really easy to apply. The sharpness, though, I found decreased just like any other pencil liner would, so I did have to sharpen the pencil before I used it again, but this is no biggie, as you have to do this with most other pencils anyway (with the exception of the genius Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner).

The longevity is what impressed me the most. It stayed put all day with very minimal fading and no smudging at all! It behaved like a waterproof liquid liner, which is just amazing!

If you love the look of liquid liner, but are a bit like me in the application department (read: useless), then these are a great option!

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  1. I’m liking my new pencil, also in navy, but am not sure whether a “regular” sharpener will work based on comments posted on other sites. What did you use to sharpen yours?

  2. Are you kidding me? You cannot sharpen this eyeliner. A waste of money – won’t purchase Almay products in the future.

    1. Hi Lisa

      No,I think you misread the post. You can sharpen them, I just found that it became blunt quite quickly.
      Hope this makes sense?


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