Go over to the dark side

Berry lips are seen at every A/W fashion week every year, and this year was no exception.

Despite this yearly occurrence few of us venture down that route for everyday wear. But it can look beautiful – be brave go over to the dark side.

First of all it’s important to find a shade that suits your skin tone. Visit a beauty counter and play with shades – apply a few shades to the back of your hand, and compare them to each other. You will notice that some colours look better than others. And if in doubt, always go lighter than darker.

Before you apply dark lipstick or gloss, you have to make sure that your lips are in well conditioned, as the dark hues will highlight any dry skin. Rub your lips with a damp facecloth to gently exfoliate and then apply a lip balm.

You can use a lip liner if you wish, but I’m not a fan. The new formulas don’t bleed nearly as much as older versions. If you do use a lip pencil, sketch the out line with soft, feathery strokes. If you draw a solid line, it will look fake. If you want to correct any mistakes, use a lip brush to even-out the edges. You could also use a concealer brush if you don’t have a lip brush.

Apply lipstick either from the tube for a deeper colour, or with your finger for a more subtle, stain-like finish. A gloss is an easier option if the thought of re-touching lipstick fills you with dread.

Keep the rest of your make-up very minimal – a sweep of mascara, a pop of blush and some concealer is all you’ll need.

But the biggest tip I can give you for dark lips is to be brave. Berry lips are big for winter, and will add a shot of drama to your daily make-up!



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