Winter hair woes

My biggest winter beauty issue is my hair. I live in the Cape, and spend 6 months of the year looking like What-a-Mess.


Firstly, for those of you who didn’t have an English granny who read to you, What-a-Mess is a naughty, slightly chubby Afghan hound created by author Frank Moir. He was up to no good most of the time, and filthy and scruffy all of the time.


We want hair like this - even in the snow!

Frizz is a big bugbear for CT ladies, as all that rain acts like a damp crimping machine. The best way to stop frizz in its tracks is to apply just a drop or two of serum to your hair. Rub between your hands, and smooth over towel-dried hair. Applying it to damp hair means that you won’t over-load the hair, and end-up with a greasy ball.

If you have very thick hair, look for anti-frizz creams instead. These will give you a moisture boost as well as sealing the cuticles.

Style your hair as usual, and them finish with an anti-frizz spray.

Ladies based further inland should also pay a bit more attention to their locks in winter too. That cold wind is incredibly drying, so treat your hair to an intensive treatment mask once a week. For an extra-strong treatment, apply the mask, and wrap your head in a warm towel –this will help the product penetrate your hair cuticle.


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