A fine line – by my very hand

Today I’m wearing Clarins Instant Liner, R225

I did this all by myself - first time noggal!

This is my favourite liquid liner, ever. It allows me to create gorgeous lines and flicks, and I’m known for my lack of liner aptitude. There has been many a weepy/irritated tweet to my friend and the the queen of liner, Chereen (read her blog here) wailing about uneven lines. I even wrote a post about her liner abilities. But thankfully (for me and her) I can tackle liquid liner unaided.


The best liquid liner in the world!

I think the trick that makes this the best one ever is the fact that the lid is long, and the tip itself is short – giving you much more control than the ones with long, wobbly stick nibs.

The formula is good too. It’s liquid enough to apply easily, but dries fast and lasts all day. Get yours here.


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