How to make your fragrance last

To get more mileage from your fragrance, apply it in layers.


Start in the shower or bath by using a product scented with your favourite fragrance. Once you’re dry, apply the same fragrance in a body lotion version. To make your own scented body lotion, spray some fragrance into some aqueous cream in a bowl. (Try to use an oil-based scent such as perfume oil or eau de parfum, as these are more highly concentrated and will mix better into the lotion.) Whisk together well, then funnel into an air tight container.

Lastly, apply your fragrance to a pulse point. These are the areas of your body which have the most veins. These are the warmest parts of your body, and the heat intensifies fragrance. We all know about the wrists and neck, but there are others where you could apply as well. The area just above your hip bones, insides of your elbows and the backs of your knees are also good spots.

You can also just choose one or two steps. All three products don’t have to be from the same brand. For example, you may love the smell of your soap, so look for a body cream or fragrance which matches it. My favourite combination is Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Glycerine Soap with Stella McCartney Nude.

On a final note, spray your fragrance sparingly; and don’t reapply during the day. Fragrance is an allergen, so be conscious of others’ sensitivity. If you’re not sure how much is too much, just spray into the air and walk through the mist instead. You’ve layered the fragrance, so you should only be able to smell it in soft, occasional whiffs throughout the day.


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