One easy step to perfect looking skin

My Blackberry is hermetically sealed to me, and now I have another BB that I can’t live without.

Better late than never!

Garnier’s BB Cream has taken the rest of the world by storm, and is set to do the same here in SA. Originally developed by German dermatologists, Blemish Balms (that’s what BB stands for) were then imported into Korea where they went absolutely cray-cray for them because they deliver a natural, even skin tone.
What makes them so great is their multi-tasking, time saving fabulousness. Garnier’s BB cream has no less than 5 benefits compressed into one little tube. It evens skin tone, hides lines and imperfections, has UV protection, adds and helps retain moisture, and boosts your skin’s natural glow thanks to vitamin c and caffeine. Amazing, right? The rest of the planet thinks so too – the product is Garnier’s best seller in 7 countries, has won 15 beauty awards, and one is sold every 5 seconds worldwide!

It’s on shelves now, and even better news is that is comes in 3 shades (light, medium and dark) that will suit all SA skin tones. And R79.95 is all it’ll cost you for the new little miracle.
If you want to know a little bit more about BB Creams, I found this great article from Cosmo UK here.

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