A drop of beautiful from DKNY

I don’t know many ladies who don’t adore DKNY fragrances. If you don’t, please stop reading now, and reconsider.

Today sees the launch of their latest fragrance, pureDKNY A Drop of Rose. It is possibly going to knock my beloved Stella out of the top spot on my fragrance list. Following its sisters, A Drop of Vanilla and A Drop of Verbena, it is the subtlest of rose scents that settles into an almost powdery lingering touch of the bloom.


The rose pickers

The flowers are grown in the stunning Isparta valley in Turkey (I’ve been there, not just reading it), an area world renowned for its roses. The blooms are grown and harvested as they have been for centuries. They are picked by hand in the cool of the pre-dawn before they are rolled and distilled to create the most pure rose essential oil. This is what is put into DNKY’s version. It’s a rose in its simplest fragrance form.

As with the other pureDKNY scents, sustainability is a driving force behind the manufacturing process. The bottle is made-up of 100% recyclable glass and aluminum; the box is made with biodegradable materials and printed on with low-VOC inks and made in renewable energy powered factories. Even the outer plastic-like wrapping is made from cellulose (plant fibers).

And if that’s not enough giving back for you, they will also give a donation to CARE, which provides financial support to women living in poverty. By buying their roses from the local farmers in the Isparta valley, they have contributed to the local economy to help it secure the long-term production of roses in the area.

Have a look at their beautiful intro video:

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose EDP is available from today at selected retailers nationwide for R540 for 30ml, R750 for 50ml and R955 for 100ml.

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