Little helpers from Cherubs

Cherubs Wipes travel sized packs are your new best friends.

I think you can never be without wet wipes – they are one of my handbag must haves for getting lipstick, coffee and pen etc off clothing, or for cleaning your hands when stuck in nasty public toilets. Eeew!

This new range of 4 travel sized wipe packs (10 wipes per pack) are so perfect to have in your bag, in the car, at your desk and well, anywhere really. And at these prices, you can afford to have them everywhere!

My favourites are the Anti-Bacterial ones (R6.99) that have been proven to kill 99.9% of germs. That’s cleaner than when you wash your hands!

Comfitex Flushable Feminine Wipes

The other variants are Sensitive (R6.99) that are alcohol, fragrance and parabens free for sensitive skin; Eco-Care (R8.99) that are flushable and biodegradable, so good for you and the planet. And the last ones are Comfitex Flushable Feminine Wipes (R9.99) that I bet you wish you had at your last festival!

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