Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Range

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Range, R53 – R80

What they say: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay hair removal products help to create the spa experience in your home, giving you the perfect opportunity to indulge in a pampering treatment for your skin. Invigorate the skin with a natural blend of key ingredients, including mineral rich clay, soothing mango butter and nourishing acai palm to help to leave your skin glowing, beautifully soft, smooth and free from even short hairs. The range consists of Body Wax Strips, R80; Face Wax Strips, R53 and Shower Power Cream, R80. You can read more about the range here.

What we say: I love the wax strips. The sizes are great for what they are designed for. The small ones are perfect for taming brows and upper lips, and the larger ones, perfect for the legs, but also small enough to us eon the bikini line. I didn’t notice any difference in the wax to the old ones, but the treatment sachets in the box are definitely better. There are 2 Cooling Pre-waxing Towellettes and 2 Post-waxing Wipes. They cool and soothe much quicker than their predecessors.

The Shower Power Cream, however, disappoints. It says that it will remove hair in minutes (5-10).  I tested it on my arms, and I gave up after 20 minutes. In the end I had to scrape it all off, and was left with areas of slightly crinkled hair. It barely removed any hair at all, just damaged it.

Keep in mind that this was on fine hair, so I don’t have any hope for it working on tougher leg hair at all! The worst part of all is that it smells just like other hair removal creams, although not as strong.

I don’t see the “spa like” treatment they describe on the box, as I’m not sure who actually enjoys waxing, or sees it as a “pampering treat.” Having said that, the wax strips do actually do what they say they will, so stick to them, and leave the Shower Power Cream on the shelf.


Body and Face Wax Strips: 5/5

Shower Power Cream: 0/5


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