Ombre eyeliner

Just when we thought we’d seen everything possible from the ombre trend, I came across the ombre eyeliner. A graduated liner effect is a quick and easy way to make your eyes pop.


You’ll need 3 different shade eye pencils, but they have to be in the same colour family. So you could choose to go from lilac through to amethyst or soft grey through to gunmetal. The look couldn’t be easier to achieve:

  1. Begin with the light shade on the inner corner of your eye. Trace it out along the lash line for about a third of the length of the lash line.
  2. Next, use the mid tone pencil to line the next third of the lash line.
  3. Complete the line with the darkest shade. You can create a flick or leave the end simple.
  4. Finish the effect by going over the entire line with a liner brush. Be careful to only do this once, or you’ll lose the ombre effect.