optiphi Set the Canvas

optiphi Set the Canvas, R238.80

optiphi Set the Canvas

What they say: creates a flawless finish – the primer’s silky texture provides a matt and long-lasting appearance.  Combat persistent shine and keep make-up colour vibrant from morning to evening. This innovative formula leaves a smooth and invisible protective layer to allow easy application of make-up.

What we say: Without a doubt, my new favourite primer. The texture is a lot less ‘sticky’ than regular primers. It glides on easily, and absorbs well. I also like the fact that it doesn’t ‘peel’ when you add foundation on top. I have found that quite a few primers lift when they have anything added over the top of them – rather defeating the point of a primer…

My foundation stayed fresh and even all day. I needed to reapply in the evening, but was still incredibly impressed with the results.