Chanel Notes de Primtemps

Chanel’s spring collection is here! Collection Notes de Printemps is a ‘colourful melody’.


Crystal-clear notes, each one as light and delicate as the next.

A melody that one knows off by heart or an improvised harmony announcing the arrival of Spring.

When the first rays of sunshine emerge, colour sets the beat: pink, red and violet adorn the landscape from sunrise to sunset, like notes on a music staff.






Chanel Spring

The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio orchestrates pink and violet plum shades to the beat of a joyful red.

A harmony of intense or pastel hues composes an ode to the freshness of Spring.

At the heart of the Collection is a Spring red.

Model Close-up

Fresh and luminous, this sunny red is tender and bright on lips, nails and cheeks, and plays the lead in an orchestra of notes, enhancing their echo.

Following the red tone, pinks and violets play up their shades in a crescendo and improvise with endless variations:

pastel pink swept over eyelids in a sheer touch or electric pink on lips.

Grey lavender for a soft gaze or violet plum lacquer on nails.

And, as usual, the visuals are beyond beautiful. Prices range from R275 to R645.