Be Legendary with Smashbox

Smashbox has some exciting launches. 16 of them, to be exact.

Their new Be Legendary Lip Glosses are already a legend to me. I have never used such light-weight, long lasting glosses. Ever.

Smashbox Gloss Range

As you all know, Smashbox box was born in a photographic studio, and their daily work in the studio continues to be their inspiration for their new products.

The new glosses are no exception. Here’s their story:

It started on a shoot where Smashbox founder/celeb photographer Davis Factor happened to be using red photo gels to help light a set. (Gels are smooth, transparent films placed over lenses and lights to create color effects in photos by illuminating areas in washes of color.) With Davis’ assortment of red photo gels scattered all over a work table, the conversation turned to how these gorgeous gels reminded everyone of glosses—and how amazing it’d be to have a gloss with the same airy, glassy quality of a gel, plus all of its vibrant color.

The gloss had to feel just as featherweight and look just as lustrous as a gel. It also needed the same easy-glide smoothness—never sticky or tacky. Research revealed that photo gels actually start off as a clear liquid, then color is gradually folded in to create a totally even, slick film. So they replicated this process for the gloss, starting with a clear, hydrating base free of traditional heavy binders (meaning no stick-factor), then infusing it slowly with bold pigments (unlike most glosses that are over-processed in a rush).

This means that all of the gloss ingredients are perfectly—and 100% evenly—dispersed in the ultra-refined formula, creating a super light, super comfortable blend that you can hardly feel. And yet, like a photo gel, the gloss still leaves a vibrant wash of gorgeous color since the pigments are left intact with the careful mixing process.

Smashbox Gloss

Smashbox Colours

Um, saturated gloss with mirror-smooth shine that isn’t sticky. Hells yes! There are 16 incredible shades to choose from and you’ll find them at selected Red Square, Foschini, Edgars and Woolworths stores nationwide for R220 each.