Creighton’s Beautiful Brunettes

Is your hair ready to be Beautifully Brunette?

Recently I was sent a shampoo and conditioner from a new brand on the South African market, Creightons. Creightons is a British company with over 250 years of hair and beauty manufacturing experience, not too shabby! I was keen to give these products a bash, but as my backlog of hair products to test is never-ending, I decided to give these over to my little sis.


I gave her the Creightons Beautiful Brunette Extra Moisturising Shampoo and the Creightons Beautiful Brunette Intensive Care Conditioner.


They are R44.95 each for 250ml, and are available now at Pick ‘n Pay stores.

Over to Liz…

Firstly, I like the smell, which is a subtle chocolate vanillary smell. Good start.


The shampoo foams well I just found that I had to use a bit more shampoo than I usually use and the conditioner is really moisturising.


I don’t apply conditioner to my roots as I find that too heavy so I applied this from mid-length to tip. My hair was less frizzy and really did glimmer & shine.

The product aims to make brunette hair look as great and shiny as the day you colour it by enhances the colour and gently cleanse without stripping colour, as you can see from the images the shampoo is a reddy brown colour and the conditioner is a silvery brown colour. This shampoo and conditioner is obviously only for brunette be it natural colour or colour- treated, it brightens, softens and smoothes brunette hair. There is only one variant and it is for dry or damaged hair – which is fine by me as my hair is colour-treated (whose isn’t these days?) and being winter my hair needs the extra conditioning.

I like that the product is in an easy to use flip lid (no more dropping lids on the shower floor – so annoying! Why are some toothpaste lids still screw on? I wish I had a Rand for every time I dropped a lid in the sink) anyway, I have enjoyed using these products.

There are only the Brunette and Blonde shampoos & conditioners available at the moment, so sorry redheads L but I reckon you could get away with using the Brunette variant as my hair has some copper undertone and these products enhanced that…

I had a squizz at the Creighton’s company online, (here is the UK site) and they have some really awesome products, some of which are now available in SA – Twisted Sista, Argan Gold, The Real Shaving Company.

ROUGE (little sister) RATING: 5/5