How to deal with dandruff

Okay, so dandruff isn’t exactly a glamourous subject, but this article from Dr. Gray at Head & Shoulders might be a big help to some of you.

Dr Gray
Hair expert and internationally acclaimed trichologist, Dr John Gray

Diagnose Your Dandruff

It goes without saying that dandruff has no role to play in living a confident and uninhibited life. While the constant itch and white flakes that make unwelcome appearances on your clothes can affect your self-esteem, the good news is that with Head & Shoulders you can diagnose and treat your dandruff once and for all. Hair expert and internationally acclaimed trichologist, Dr John Gray explains how you can turn the discomfort of dandruff into a distant memory.

The Causes and Effects of Dandruff

“Eczema, dryness of scalp, infrequent shampooing and a yeast-like fungus are all common causes of the itchiness and dry flakes that define dandruff. To treat this unfortunate condition, it’s best to identify the type of dandruff that may be getting you down,” explains Dr Gray.

According to Dr Gray, the following are the most common types of dandruff:

Dry skin related dandruff: Dandruff caused due to dry skin is one of the most common types and this occurs mostly during winter, because washing hair with warm water tends to make it dry and flaky.

An interesting fact is that those with drier or curly hair are more susceptible to this type of dandruff and may experience a feeling of tightness on the scalp. Dry skin dandruff should be treated with moisturising shampoos that hydrate your tresses and scalp. In addition, it’s a good idea to stay away from any chemical treatments like hair relaxants, perms or dyes.

Sufferers are also advised to take in more moisture from the inside by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day. Regular brushing, as well as head massages can also stimulate circulation, bringing blood, nutrients and much needed oxygen to the scalp.

Oil related dandruff: The accumulation of sebum oil secreted from the scalp is another common cause. Improper or irregular shampooing habits often lead to this type because if the hair and scalp are not clean, the sebum or skin oil combines with dead skin cells and dirt to form itchy flakes.

It has also been said that stress can be the cause of this kind of dandruff, because when we’re experiencing anxiety, we can secrete an oily sebum on the scalp that may exacerbate this condition.                 

Fungal dandruff: The fungusmalassezia is naturally found on the skin and scalp. Normally, this fungus has limited growth but excessive oil on the scalp serves as a food source helping it to grow at a rapid rate. Malassezia produces oleic acid as a metabolic by-product and it is this that in turn, produces an increased turnover of skin cells causing unwanted white flakes.

Disease related dandruff: More serious causes of this condition can include scalp related infections. Psoriasis, by way of example, causes excessive production of skin cells on the scalp, which leads to scaly skin. They shed and combine with dirt and sebum oil causing dandruff. Similarly, eczema also causes the skin to become itchy and flaky.

Seborheicc dermatitis is a more serious type of dandruff that features symptoms such as a red and irritated scalp, sores may form and it also causes the scalp to itch. While this condition can affect the entire scalp, it is more prevalent at the back of the head and neck. Requiring medical attention, this kind of dandruff can also be found on other parts of the body like ears and even the face.

 Beating the Dandruff Blues

“For my clients suffering from the discomfort of dandruff, I always recommend Head & Shoulders. Known for its dandruff efficacy, Head & Shoulders offers seven distinct scalp and hair care benefits, including relief from itchiness, dryness and irritation, as well as the removal of 100% of visible flakes, to produce great and healthy looking hair,” advises Dr Gray.

For a Confident and Uninhibited Life

Living is about having that unmistakeable sense of confidence that lets you know nothing can hold you back. Give yourself visibly flake free hair and a healthy scalp so that you too can live a confident and uninhibited life. Take back your life and diagnose and treat your dandruff with Head & Shoulders today.

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