SoyLites Body & Massage Soybalm

SoyLites launches a non-messy alternative to massage oil.


With a 100% natural formulation of soy and skin-nutritious botanical oils, the Body & Massage SoyBalm is both an effective and versatile body butter that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and pampered.

Jojoba Oil softens and smooths the skin with fine line reduction, while castor oil promotes increased elasticity to your skin. The added combination of avocado oil, shea butter, cold-pressed grapeseed oil and coconut oil provides your skin with
vitamin E, lecithin and effective moisturising nourishment, without a greasy residue.

The formula is an effective massage medium that melts upon contact with the warmth of the body for a silky massage with ample ‘slip’.

The balms are available in the following scents from SoyLites.

Indulgence Vanilla, Ginger & Grapefruit
Revitalise Arnica oil with Geranium, Black Pepper &  Peppermint
Inspiration Rose, Geranium & Jasmine
Relaxation Neroli, Lemongrasss & Cedarwood
Baby Love Coconut & pure Soybean oil
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