Revlon and Cancervive

Ok, so I’m going to get a bit serious today. Cancer serious.

I know it’s almost the end of Breast Cancer awareness month, but I’m posting this on what would have been my Nan’s birthday. So this post is for you, little Nan. We lost her to a brain tumour that slowly stole her life away from her over 3 years.

I know there isn’t one of your reading this who hasn’t had to deal with cancer either yourself, or through a loved one having it. Many cancers can be beaten, so long as there is early detection. But most people are unaware of the danger signs or what to look for.

Thankfully, there are groups of amazing people who have made it their mission to educate those who would otherwise have no access to any knowledge about this despicable monster.

Cancervive is a charity run by cancer survivors and volunteers that educate and create cancer awareness as well as support and care for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families in all communities. The ride has already happened this year, but you can register for other events and next year’s ride here.

There is so much that they do that I thought the best way to tell you about them is to give you all the info I have. So here it is:


InfoInfo 2

SMS-Cancervive Donation

Revlon is a key sponsor of this incredible charity and has created some gorgeous looks to create awareness in their own way.

Revlon Makeup LookRevlon Makeup Look

Nail Look 1Nail Look

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