Veaudry iStyler

Veaudry iStyler, R1190 (from Retailbox

Veaudry iStyler

What they say: Ensure the health and vivacity of your hair by using the salon-quality Mini iStyler to create your own unique style. The Mini iStyler uses Natural Tourmaline Technology to ensure that your hair is protected and your style has a natural sheen and smooth finish. Regular Hair stylers may often feel as though they are ironing the life out of your hair, HOWEVER Veaudry’s Natural Technology ensures that your hair retains its natural moisture and shine through the use of the semi-precious crystal, Tourmaline. To use the iStyler, simply separate a small section of hair making use of the Veaudry heat-resistant comb (included with the iStyler ), place the iron as close to the roots as possible, slowly glide the iStyler through the section of hair for a perfectly straight finish – simple as that.

What I say: To put the styler through its paces properly, I dispensed it to my high-flying friend, Terri, who travels A LOT for work. It’s travelled all over the country as well as to Europe with her so far.

She normally travels with her full-sized flat iron, so was super excited about the extra bag space this one would allow. Here are her thoughts:

It heats up quickly and evenly, making the styling process quick and easy. However, because of the smaller heat plates, it does take longer to do your hair, just because you don’t have as much surface to play with as you would with a regular sized styler.

The 3m swivel cord makes it perfect for using it in hotel rooms, and came in handy on more than one occasion.

Overall, it’s the perfect travel companion. I wouldn’t use it at home because of the time it takes, but it wasn’t designed to be. If you travel a lot, and can’t bear to be without silky smooth locks, you’ll want one of these in your luggage.