Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Aerosol

Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Aerosol, R29.99

Dove Original

What they say: There’s a reason why Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is a trusted classic; in fact, there are three.

  1. ¼ Moisturising Cream

Shaving removes the top layer of skin, drying it out and leaving it sensitive. Chlorine, salt and sun can further rob your skin of essential moisture. Dove deodorant is different to other deodorants. With moisturising cream, it contains essential nutrients to help restore the condition of your skin – both moisturising and protecting at the same time.

  1. Alcohol-free

Your underarm skin is very thin and even more prone to irritation than other parts of your body. Frequent shaving, harsh deodorants and chafing can lead to irritated and uncomfortable underarm skin. Dove’s alcohol-free formula means you can apply deodorant immediately after shaving, without worrying about itching, stinging or irritation.

  1. 48-Hour Protection

Experience all day freshness with Dove. Dove Deodorant ensures 48-hour protection against wetness and odours, whilst caring for your sensitive underarm skin.

Take the 7-day Dove Deodorant Underarm Test: Try Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for 7 days and feel the difference of visibly softer, smoother underarm skin. Effective protection. Beautiful result.

What I say: I should first say that I’m probably not the best person to test this. Firstly, I’m not a huge fan of the Dove scent – I find it quite strong on my skin, and I don’t like being able to smell my deo all day. I realise this is one of the selling points – you can smell the scent and not the sweat, but I’m still not a fan.

I decided to give the 7 test a go – just to see if my dislike of the smell was putting me off a really good deo.

First impressions weren’t great – I found the formula very sticky and it never dried completely. This lead to the second problem; it marks clothes. Being someone who wears black most days, this is not ideal. (This is always why I normally use the Nivea Invisible For Black and White, which has never marked any clothes).

I persevered for the whole week, and I did notice a slight softening of my underarms, but not enough for me to switch from my Nivea.

If you suffer from very dry underarms, then this will help, although you’re probably better trying the Stick version (R42.99) instead. There is also a Roll-On version available (R18.99).

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