essie Spring 2015 Collection

essie launches a perfectly pretty collection for spring.


The 2015 Spring Collection has 6 shades: 3 brights, 1 mid-grey and two nudes (one much better than the other).

essie swatches

Blossom Dandy is a minty turquoise, Petal Pushers is a pinky grey, Flowerista (my favourite) is a plummy fuchsia and Garden Variety is a bright teal.

essie shades

The two nudes are Picked Perfect, which is a nutty taupe, and works relatively well on my skin tone. The other is called Perennial Chic, which is described as a ‘tawny tulip’, but looks more like a yellow-pale-peach on my skin tone. It reminds me a bit of Elastoplast. I also found this formula very tricky to apply – it went streaky, and wasn’t even after three coats (this is the stage at which I gave up).

The collection is in stores and salons now. There are two more exciting collections on the way in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out for them.