Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation & Fix & Protect Makeup Primer

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation SPF20, R149.95 and Fix & Protect Makeup Primer SPF25, R99.95

Rimmel Dup

What they say: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation SPF20

Show-off picture-perfect skin with new-formula Match Perfection Foundation from Rimmel London. Perfect, protect and 24-hour hydrate your complexion with weightless, traceless, skin-caring coverage. See beautiful skin, not makeup! Advanced wonder-tone technology creates a unique synergy between skin and foundation for unified, even and perfected complexion. There are 8 shades in the collection.

Fix & Protect Makeup Primer SPF25

A primer that preps, perfects and multi-protects skin against daily stresses. Acting like an invisible shield, its lightweight moisturising formula shelters skin from pollution, filters out harmful UV rays and helps to prevent hyperpigmentation and skin dehydration.

Rimmel Primer

What I say: I’ll start with the primer. I’ve never been the biggest primer user – mainly because I can be asked, but also because my skin is quite dry, and I don’t have an issue with my foundation sliding off duding the day. But I do love optiphi’s Set The Canvas as well as the ones from GOSH and Lancôme.

This one is good; it evens out the skin, giving it a healthy glow. It helped the foundation blend quickly and definitely made it last longer. However, there are two problems with it: the scent and the colour. The scent is very strong, and I loathe having highly scented products on my skin. It does dissipate after a while, but in my opinion, unnecessary to add in the first place. The second is the ‘universal shade’. The formula is white, and had to really blend it in to get rid of the white shadowing. My skin is very pale, and I use the lightest foundation shade in this collection, so darker skinned girls will probably struggle to get rid of the ashy sheen.

Rimmel Foundation

The foundation is wonderful! I was a huge fan of the original Match Perfection Foundation, and the reformulation has made it even better. It seems very thick at first, but blends very easily (even without the primer), and is comfortable to wear the whole day. I’d call it as a light to medium coverage foundation, which I personally love, and makes it perfect for daily use.

Rimmel Foundation 2

I’ve tested the colour adjusting theory on a few skin tones, and it worked well on each of them. It’s such a clever idea because very few of us are the exact same colour all year round. This allows you to use the same foundation in winter and summer, without having to switch to a lighter or darker shade.