{ Exhibition } The Power of Poison

What does the word ‘poison’ mean to you? Dangerous? Scary? Lethal? The Power of Poison

Yes, poisons are all these things, but have you every thought about the role they play in your daily life? And have is ever occurred to you that almost everything is a poison, depending on the dosage? No, really, think about it.

The Power of Poison

The Swiss German philosopher Paracelsus said, “ Poison is in everything, and nothing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” There is so much truth in this statement, but we just don’t think of poisons, or ingredients in this way.

The Power of Poison

The animal world is littered with creatures armed with poison, both as a killing mechanism and as a protection method. Think of the Pit Viper; it uses it potent venom to paralyse its prey before consuming, but harnessed in small enough doses, humans have been using it to treat high blood pressure since the 70s.

The Power of Poison

The Power of Poisons is an exhibition curated by The American Museum of Natural History that has just opened at The Watershed at the VnA Waterfront.


The exhibition takes the visitor on a fascinating journey through animal poisons, onto ancient myths and ends with human involvement in the world of poison.

The Power of Poison

I took my mum last week, and we were captivated by the detailed displays and informative videos for nearly two hours. While it will be very captivating for younger humans, I reckon it will be a bit of a waste for kids under 10, as most of the info is quite in-depth.

The Power of Poison

The exhibition will be in the Mother City until 12 June, and is open from 09h00 – 19h00 every day. You can buy tickets, which range from R85 to R140, at the door, or online here. The exhibition will also travel to Joburg’s Silver Star Casino from 24 June to 24 August and at Durban’s Gateway Mall from 9 September until January next year.

If you need more info, visit the Expo RSA site here.

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