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{ Review } Nuxe Melting Cream High Protection SPF50

Nuxe Melting Cream High Protection Sun Protection for Face SPF50, R350

What they say: This SPF 50 fondant cream, with sun and water flower extracts, protects cells from ageing and helps you achieve a perfect tan. Ideal for fair skins and sensitive areas (face, neckline), this sun cream limits the appearance of dark spots.

What I say: Fondant cream is great description – when I first squeezed a blob out of the tube, I thought it was going to be one of those horrible thick, pasty creams that take hours to absorb. But thankfully in this case first impressions are deceiving. The thick cream soon ‘melts’ into the skin without any sticky, ashy residue.

Nuxe Melting Cream High Protection SPF50

It leaves the skin well hydrated and plays well with other skincare products – I tried it with quite a few moisturisers and serums, and it didn’t pill or peel once. While it isn’t a matte formula, my skin didn’t feel greasy or tacky at the end of day, which I sometime do with other formulas.

The only thing that may put you off is the scent – it’s quite strong for a face product, and some people may find the floral scent a bit overpowering to wear on their face. I personally didn’t mind it, as it faded away after an hour or so.