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Clarins Contouring Perfection

Contouring is my no means a new concept, but I doubt you’ve seen it done this well before.

Clarins introduces Contouring Perfection; a perfectly curated collection of products that will help you get the best out of your makeup application.

The centrepiece is the Face Contouring Palette (R595) that contains matte highlight, contour and blush shades and comes with a cleverly shaped brush that makes precise application and absolute breeze. If you’ve tried looking for a perfect matte contour powder, you’ll know it’s nigh on impossible, but this marks the end of the search for me. Same goes for the highlight shade – it’s matte, but not chalky and both blend seamlessly with minimal effort. The blush is a beautiful mid-rose shade that will be universally flattering on all skins.

When you heard what the next product is, you won’t believe, like I did, that nobody has done this before. It’s such a simple idea, and yet utterly genius at the same time…

Remember those ballpoint pens that had four or five shades in them that all the cool kids had at school? Well, how about one with three eyeliners and a lip liner? I know, right?

The 4 Colour All-in-One Pen for Eyes and Lips (R595) is the best thing I’ve seen launch in a very long time. There is a black, brown and blue eye liner, as well as a brown-nude lip liner – all with super blendable soft formulas, but with staying power. You click each shade down, as you would on a pen version, and then twist to bring up the product.

The eyes are well covered with two permanent additions to the makeup lineup (the two products mentioned before are limited editions, so be quick).

Firstly, the 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky (R535) is the perfect quad for creating cool-toned smoky eyes. The shadows are intensely pigmented with zero fallout and the satin finish they deliver is flattering and long-lasting. What more could you want from an eye shadow?

And finally, there are the 3 silver-based shades of Cream-to-Powder Iridescent Eyeshadow (R320 each). These beautiful pot shadows give an almost holographic effect to your eye makeup. They can be added over the top of an existing look to create an opalescent hue, or worn alone to give a softer finish. These are more about the effect than the colour, but you will get a subtle hint of the shade. Available in Silver White, Silver Grey or Silver Rose, one of these is a great addition to your collection, as it will transform what you already have.

The Contouring Perfection collection is available at all Clarins counters now.

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