Life lately – May 2017

Hello good people. I haven’t left the interwebs; but had a hiatus. Now I’m back and there are a few things that will be changing round here.

Firstly, I feel that every time I post, I’m apologising for the sporadic content uploads, but I have a teething baby and no nanny. So, yeah.

When I started Rouge five years ago, I was totally and utterly obsessed with all things beauty. In fact, if something wasn’t a beauty product, a horse or wine, it just didn’t feature in my life at all.

JFK once said; “Change is the law of life.” And I guess that’s what happens, we all change. It’s true that having a child puts a very different perspective on the world – you just don’t care about the latest lipgloss launch, because, well, basically, it really doesn’t matter. In the grand scheme of the universe, yet another lipgloss really means diddly squat to me. It’s probably because my focus is so completely elsewhere, but I also think that there comes a time when enough is enough. In the past, I wanted to try every single new product that launched, and I mean every one. These days I want to use products that are innovative, deliver real results and are consumer driven rather than selling just for the sake of a bottom line. The need to downscale and be more pragmatic about my purchasing is growing stronger by the day.

That’s not to say I won’t be testing new launches, of course not, but I’m only going to be putting time and effort into posts about truly remarkable products. This is for two reasons; one, my time is very limited now, and time is money, so it needs to be worth my while to spend time promoting a product; and two, it’s better for you because you know that I love and highly recommend the products I write about. I will keep you all in the loop with fun, new launches over on my social media channels, but I want you to know that from now on, only my very best picks will be given space on the site.

Also, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen a few changes to my navigation bar, too. As I started to focus on what I really want to write about, I realised that I hardly every write travel stories (I have so many), I barely write about style (I am a stylist and trained under a formidable duo), and I’ve never written about wine (I’m a garagiste). So this clearly has to end – I’m going to start writing about all of the above and sharing content with you all. (My travel stories, although in a tab on Rouge, will take your through to my travel blog, Wild Rover.)

I know a lot of you are just here for the beauty bits, and I promise there will still be enough for you to sink your teeth into, but I want to share my other interests with you, too. Many of you have been here a long time, and I hope to keep you all by my side on this ever-evolving blog journey.

This month, you can expect posts on fabulous new bits from Urban Decay and Clarins, some great new natural products and tips on which Overberg wine farms to visit on your next road trip, so stick around.

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