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Festive Fragrance: Giorgio Armani Privē Encens Satin

It just wouldn’t be right to not mention the Giorgio Armani Privē Encens Satin scent at Christmas.

Inspired by Giorgio’s life-long love of frankincense, this is the ultimate opulent, luxurious festive scent. Used by humans for over 4000 years, frankincense has been a part of our history in many forms; from religious and burial ceremonies, to a symbol of wealth to medicinal cures and now fragrance.

Obviously a scent this luxurious doesn’t have a run of the mill note pyramid. Instead, just allow yourself to be immersed in the four notes, which intermingle and play out on your skin throughout the day. Incense is the strongest note for me, followed by amber, woody notes and a delicate balance of spices.

Originally created as a range of scents just for his closest friends, Armani was convinced to release the Privē fragrances for the rest of us to enjoy. There are three scent collections: La Collection des Mille et Une Nuits, La Collection and Les Eaux. The gorgeous bottles are categorized in their deisgn, too. Black stone lids are citrus and fresh floral notes, gold caps are Middle Eastern inspired ones and the coloured stone tops are rich florals and musks.

You can find the Armani Privē collection at Giorgio Armani boutiques, Edgars Eastgate and Red Square Gateway for R3350 for 100ml EDP.