Thomas Sabo launches local online site

Humans have a thing for charms. As long as we’ve been walking up right, we’ve created and geld onto talismans.

Whether to keep us safe from evil spirits, bring us luck, remind us of a loved one or memory, we have always gravitated towards them.

If your love of charm bracelets ended when you were 5, or they seem a little too Elle Woods for your liking (if you don’t get that reference, we can’t be friends), let me introduce you to the cool kids version.

Thomas Sabo’s Generation Charm Club is the charm collection that will change your mind. There are 12 themes in the collection; from zodiac symbols, to Vintage Rebel and baby shower inspiration, there are 568 for you to choose from.

They all come with clip clasps, so you can add them to any existing piece, and add as you please. Prices range from R600 to R4475, and come in 5 different metals and materials.

Best of all? We can now shop online! Head on over to the Thomas Sabo site, and you’ll automatically be redirected to the Rand site.. There is free shipping on orders over R500, and any under that cost a flat fee of R50, with a 3-5 working day delivery time.

I’ve partnered with Thomas Sabo to bring you something very exciting, so keep on eye out for my post on Tuesday.

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