The Circle Chronicles by Davines

It’s not often that I’m actually excited about new hair product launches, but if any brand can do it, it’s Davines. Also, if David Gillson says something is spectacular, I’ll take it as gospel.

Their latest launch is a collection of 5 masks, each designed to target different hair and scalp needs. The eye-catching packaging of the 3 – 5 use masks is CO2 neutral, making them good for your hair and the planet.

The Purity Circle
Remove scalp impurities caused by atmospheric pollution, this mask is enriched with matcha tea that fights free radicals and 100% natural eco-certified bamboo charcoal with adsorbing properties, which gives the product its characteristic black colour.

The Quick-Fix Circle
For those on the go, this mask tasks just 3 minutes to get going providing instant moisturise, leaving the hair soft and shiny. Natural red clay in the formula helps to remove impurities in the hair, too.

The Spotlight Circle
This brings extra shine and instant brightness to hair, enhancing the colour (natural or dyed). Deeply conditioning, it moisturises the hair without weighing it down thanks to the Moringa oil in the formula.

The Wake-Up Circle
Rejuvenating and energising, this violet colour mask works to de-stress the hair and scalp, bringing tone and volume. The formula includes Rhodiola extract and violet clay, both rich in rebalancing and anti-toxic properties.

The Renaissance Circle
Revive your hair from the straining effects of an hyperactive lifestyle, too much colour or thermal styling with this mask. Babassu butter and yellow clay work on the hair’s structure making it look healthier and stronger.

I’ve tried 3 of them (Spotlight, Wake-Up and Purity), and all delivered exceptional results. If I were pushed, I’d have to say the Spotlight Circle is my favourite, as my hair needs all the shine it can get.

I love the fact that Davines has developed this range of fast-working, results-driven masks that honestly do what they say on the packet. In our fast-paced world, it makes life that bit easier to have reliable products. Each aspect has been thoroughly thought-out and executed with the end-user in mind. Get yours at Carlton Hair salons for R135 each.

You can get David to work his magic on your hair most days at Carlton Hair Hyde Park (011) 325 4916, but he also makes regular trips down to Carlton Hair Constantia Village (021) 794 4417. For more hair and fashion trend inspiration, you can follow him on Instagram here.