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Winter skin care with Bioderma | AD

Winter is here, and we have finally had much needed rain here in the Cape.

I love winter, but much of what goes with winter is bad for our skins: comfort food, central heating and colder weather all play havoc with our complexion, leaving it dull and dry.

Staying on top of your skin routine and eating habits will ensure that you keep your glow all the way through the season.


The first thing you need to do is keep up your water intake – the harsher temperatures will dry-out your skin just as much as the sun will. Drinking enough water will also help eliminate toxins. The cold will reduce your blood circulation, so you’ll need all the help you can get to prevent you skin looking dull and tired. Regular exercise will also help keep your complexion bright.


I know this is easier said than done, but try and avoid sugar and carb heavy food. Instead, stock-up on seasonal veggies, which will help boost collagen production. Munching on anti-oxidant rich foods like berries will protect your skin, and the omega-3 fats found in oily fish like salmon will hydrate your skin from the inside out.


Our skin’s renewal process slows-down in winter, which can leave your skin looking sallow and rough. Wherever possible, look for moisturising formulas, even if you have oily skin. There is a difference between dehydrated and dry skin; dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lack water. So even oily skin can be lacking water, especially in winter.

I always use micellar water as the first step in my cleansing routine, and in winter I switch to the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Moisturising Make-up Removing Micelle Solution (R210 – R300), as it cleanses dry and sensitive skin without drying. I also make sure I exfoliate regularly – I prefer to use acids to do this, but choose an option that works best for your skin.

While I mostly use pigmentation treating serums, in colder weather, I use a moisturising one every few days. The Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate (R300) hydrates and adds radiance thanks to 3 super moisturising ingredients.

You’ll need to switch to richer face creams. Both day and night creams can be swopped for richer ones, although those of you with very oily skin might not have to change your night cream. Play around with combinations of lotions, oils and cream to see what works best for your skin type. The cooler weather means that your skin will produce less oil, so the richer creams will act as a protective barrier to the elements. Top up the moisture by using a mask every few days. My favourite one for cold weather is the Bioderma Moisturising Mask for Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin (R260). The formula contains a patented complex to not only boost immediate hydration, but also helps to stimulate the skin’s s ability to hold moisture.

And finally for your face, don’t forget to apply sun protection – the sun is still around and can damage your skin in winter.


Okay, so I have to say that my body turns reptilian in winter. I exfoliate every few days with a super rough mitt that I got in Morocco (you can get similar, softer versions in Clicks and Dischem). I use the mitt with the Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Shower Cream (R255). It is indicated for normal to dry or atopic skin because it helps to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film (water and oil barrier that protects us from the outside world). The formula is creamy, and works into a soft lather, making it perfect for sensitive skin, as it won’t dry or irritate the skin.

I apply body cream every single day, and the Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream (R300) is perfect for super dry and sensitive skin. It is fragrance free and stimulates the skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid, which means that your skin will be more hydrated and softer with continued use. The formula is rich and almost balm-like, providing instant comfort to itchy, irritated skin. While rich, it does absorb quickly, and the 500ml bottle means that one bottle should last you most of winter.

Here is how I incorporate these products into a winter pamper routine, and scroll down to see an exciting giveaway.

Looks blissful, right? Well, one lucky reader will win all five Bioderma products featured in this video to recreate this routine at home.

The value of the hamper is R1500, and contains the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Moisturising Make-Up Solution Removing Micelle Solution, Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate, Hydrabio Moisturising Mask, Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Shower Cream and Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream.

To enter, comment below and tell me your favourite winter indulgence.

The giveaway is open to South African residents only, and only one entry per person will be counted. Entries close at 17h00 on Friday 20 July 2018.


  • Lynn

    On winter nights I love to watch series with my kitty Grimmy & a blanket on my lap and drinking tea ??

  • Suzette Viviers

    Boring, I know, but so nice! A hot bath with nice bath oil. On the couch, in my pyjamas under a fluffy blanket before the TV watching my favourite programs!!

  • Melissa Moodley

    Winter time gives me the warm and fuzzies all round! My all time fav winter indulgence is tucking into my comfort food, mouth watering creamy rich butter chicken (cheat day approved) while sipping on a divine glass of warming Pinotage, all cozied up under my warm fleece throw on my comfy couch being entertained by my fav comedy shows. After dinner, I usually also slap on a hydrating face masks and burn a sensual vanilla candle to relax…. ahh bliss

  • Liezel

    My favorite pastime would be to cuddle up in my bed after a hot shower, with a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate watching my binge series. Currently, that’s watching Grey’s Anatomy from the start! #TeamMcDreamy

  • Rakhee Bhowan

    Hi. My favourite winter indulgence has got to be cuddling up with hubby while he watches sport and I read a saucy book. Sipping on a special ‘warm wine’ and cinnamon concoction I created a while ago together with a platter of tasty cheeses with crackers. #yum!

  • Ruzaika

    A relaxedhot bath with luxury fragranced bath oil and following my skin care rituals for ultimate hydration #winterobsession

  • Chantel Moorcroft

    I have to say the morning cuddles with my family in bed. The tickles and laughs on the sofa under a blanket. And being held in my husband’s arms

  • Janene Green

    Chocolate, chips and ice cream! Even in this cold weather I love ice cream, currently 40 weeks pregnant, I indulge in tissue oil and a lot of creams for my dry skin.

  • Anthea Williams

    I love to lay under my warm blankets with my jug of hot coffee and a variety of luxuries while I binge watch my favourite series.

  • Anusha Naidoo

    Delightfully Delicious Hot Chocolate topped with mini marshmallows sipping on it whilst I sit in bed and read a novel. Love the warmth of the electric blanket and the scent of the fragrance filled lavender candle in the air. Beautiful and peaceful.

  • Marlene

    Winter indulgence…a hot shower, a good facial…a wonderful face serum…and great body creme..a steaming cup of milky coffee…and my loved ones around me!

  • Mellodene Willemse

    Relaxing under warm blankets with Rusks an a delicious large cup of nescafe coffee❤

  • Theofista Ruiters

    My favourite winter indulgence would have to be staying indoors on weekends, baking up a storm, such as tea treats for the family. Taking care of my dry winter skin by moisturising it and pampering myself.

  • Tania Formento

    Winter heaven – in my pjs on my lazy boy with my blanket the fireplace my two doggies and series. Then off to bed but first my bioderma ?

  • Lameez

    Ultimate winter indulgence is a warm fuzzy onesie with hood, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and trolling Instagram for celeb gossip, beauty tips and competitions

  • Tharishia Ebrahim

    My favourite Winter Indulgence is cosying up on the couch, enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallows, whilst catching up on the many series that I record ?

  • schantelle

    My favorite winter indulgence is sitting in the living room with my hubby by the fire sipping on a glass of wine. Perfect 🙂

  • Anne Botes

    Taking a hot bubble bath and Cuddling up to a drink of hot chocolate with lots of mallows on top

  • Kimberlee Basson

    My winter indulgence is simply unwinding and spoiling myself by going to the spa for relaxation and letting go of any stress levels. And after work its all about staying indoors and slipping into hibernation mode with thick blankets all wrapped around me and a good cup of mint tea. 

  • Margaret Lotz

    My favourite winter indulgence is spending time in front of the fireplace with my fiancé drinking red wine and savouring good food.

  • Mary Ann Beeden

    Warm thermal pyjamas, knitting blanket squares for the needy, unlimited WiFi for movies, my husband and Lindt chocolate !

  • Nadine

    My favourite winter indulgence is to snuggle up in bed with my little puppy friends. They climb under the duvet with me and they are a far sweeter alternative to hot water bottles. ?


    My favourite winter indulgence is being home in my pj’s – watching my fav series while doing my nails and having a whole lot of munchies – Just a plain simple pamper day [hair nails and facial]

  • Lucille Parkins

    My favourite Winter indulgence is getting into pj’s early after a hot bath, then snuggling under a throw with a good book.

  • Janet W Perry

    My favourite winter indulgence is hot cocoa and a snooze in the garden when the winter sun is out ??☀️☀️????

  • Hazel Dube

    I like to spent the night doing the mini spa for my face,il wash,scrub,mask,steaming,and moisturizing it before i go to bed.Having pigmentation on your face it could br very every chance i get i try treat it.

  • Chulu Mazibuko

    My favorite winter indulgence definitely is hot drinks! A day doesn’t go by when I don’t have a good cup of Rooibos or Hot Choco <3

    Also, can’t live without my electric blanky! ?

  • Shameera vahed

    My winter indulgence is really hot showers. Also hot stone massages. Most imprtantly ..I love using ultra moisture rich creams and body washes and products in winter for the super luxury feel of my skin. Summer on the coast unfortunately doesnt allow for those much loved creams and products. (I lived in the dry inlands for many years n moved over to the coast so here i can only enjoy these luxuries in winter)

  • Nadia Hall

    Sweet Red Wine around a nice cozy little fire with my favorite people ❣️??(luckily I live in Durbs and being outdoors in the evening is still somewhat bearable)

  • Kayla

    My favorite is cooking a nice dinner, having a nice glass of wine with that. A creamy hot chocolate for dessert and then spending the rest of the night cuddled up while watching a good movie.

  • Mariana van Rensburg

    An electric blanket.My cats on the bed with me and a Lindt chocolate.When it rains I have to make pancake with cinamin sugar and cream.

  • Cheri Didloff

    Winter or summer my best indulgence is to braai with friends… so i need to protect my skin… 🙂

  • Nicolette Nunes

    My fav winter indulgence is hot chocolate, a good movie, under the blankets with loads of snacks

  • Lene

    Cup of strong coffee lots of blankets popcorn and then and series!!! O and soup yummy yes good food makes winter worth it hahahah

  • Bianca Balutto

    A cup of hot chocolate and watch series in bed. Would love to try these products as I have dry sensitive eczema prone skin

  • Vanie Emmanuel

    Listening to quiet. The solitude of a winter walk allows you to hear your footsteps and listen to your breathing without the interruption of life. Stillness is the key to serenity and ultimate indulgence.

  • Jean Marran

    I am fortunate enough to lie in later most mornings when it is cold. I also enjoy my swimming in an indoor heated pool 3 times a week.

  • Zainab

    Hey, my favorite indulgence is gettin to use my suave coats and knits? as well as moisturizing since I barely need it in summer♥️??

  • Karen Lawrence

    A cup of hot milo and a chocolate biscuit is my favourite after dinner treat. Watching telly and the munchies hit and popcorn and coconut marshmallows are yummy! Then a long, hot bath and lathering body lotion on afterwards. Love Bioderma!

  • Rehana Mansoor (Mrs)

    Would love a long luxurious soak in the tub and after putting my Bioderma mask nd creams for the night, pray nd get into bed nd catch up with all my soapies. This is my relaxing time after stressing with my matriculant my 4 other children nd my 6 grandchildren. Hmmmm.

  • Lebo Masolisa

    Winter is not my favourite season of the year,but I keep it warm and entertaining by always cooking nice and chllie food to keep me warm through out the season, drinking lots of tea or coffee in the morning or evening,hot chocolates and always having hot baths. ??

  • Sanet van Tonder

    A warm cup of something 🙂 (Horlicks, Milo, Hot Chocolate or coffee) especially after our family went snowhunting! Wintertime=familty time=board games=cosy blankets=A-nice-cup-of-something-warm

  • Claudia

    My favorite winter indulgent is to take a warm bath, with moisturizing oils, milk, salts. Nothing beats the feeling of a relaxed bath!

  • Salochana Naidoo

    My favourite Winter indulgence is soaking in a nice hot bath, ? and then cosying up on the couch watching series! ?

  • Anisha Singh

    Winter is truly the time to rejuvenate & it’s the perfect time to don that super cute onesie! So my indulgence is having a pamper party with my daughter.. we jump into a Lush bubble bath and then jump into our cute onesies. Then it’s a nourishing mask whilst we sip on hot chocolate. Yummy! And we then give each other manis and pedis! So whilst it’s brrr cold outside, these two divas are getting smoking hot inside! The best part is my hubby would give anything join our pj winter party!

  • Rashieda Omer

    My ultimate winter indulgence would be snuggling up with my children, watching movies. With the June holidays being in the middle of winter, I get to spend lots of indoor family time with them. Them eating lots of popcorn and me with my flavored cappuccino’s.

  • Maria

    I just love to sit on the couch with my blanket and water water bottle, drinking warm water with lemon juice watch my favourite movies on glow TV

  • seshnie GOVENDER

    my favorite winter indulgence is a hot hot bunny chow with carrot salald and weirdly a hot cup of black tea… my skin routine is extra moisturizer and a slather of vaseline on my feet and neck area at night… does wonders

  • Praline Chivell

    In bed under warm blankets after a lovely bath with a hot mug of coffee, good book and my precious cat lying on my legs covered in a blanket

  • Suzette Jasmin

    My favorite winter indulgence is wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream!

  • Maryam Noordien

    My favourite is to sit all cuddled up in a blanket with my boyfriend infront of the heater, drink hot chocolate and watch a movie.

  • Monique Mentoor

    My favourite winter indulgence is the comfort food that goes with a good winter – creamy soups, baked bread, tasty stews, warm puddings and lots of wine (“,)

  • Niki

    Am I the only one obsessed with “Onesies”?? ?
    A good vintage of vino, keeping warm with a onesie from my collection and great conversation is always the cherry on top! ??

  • Aadila Emam

    My favorite in winter is milo but specially now that I’m pregnant. Every winter my skin needs hydrating products even tho I try to drink as such water as I can. I would love to win this. I’m currently 7months pregnant, some skin tlc with be nice. Fingers crossed.

  • Zhané Saais

    Definitely hot chocolate with little marshmallows inside. Warms me up and I have a sweet treat right at the end.

  • Colette Rossouw

    I love sleeping late on weekends in the winter especially when it’s freezing and raining outside.

  • Tanya Welch

    Watching a movie in my pj’s by the lounge by the fire place with a big mug of hot chocolate or coffee with popcorn, chocolate and chips.

  • Shaheeda loofer

    My favorite winter indulgence is hot chocolate. ..Lindt choccies and a series to watch .All under cosy blankets and comfy pillows

  • Janet Moses

    My favourite winter indulgence is sipping on a cup of my favourite nescafe gold snuggled under my blanket on my pyjamas trying not to spill my coffee watching my favourite Law and Order just passing the time away hoping the cold would go away as the time goes by its time to leave my comfort and make my way to cooking our comfort food chicken curry and rice to complement my cold day 🙂

  • Sarah Lord

    I am afraid as I am getting older I really enjoy a hot bath,warm pajamas and my favorite seat on the settee watching TV snuggled in a fluffy blanket.

  • Taryn De Bruin

    My favourite winter indulgence is watching the sun rise over the ocean while I drink my morning coffee. In summer the sun rises too early, but in winter I get to start the day quietly and calmly watching nature at her best.

  • Brenda Fernandes

    Coffee while sucking a buttermilk sweet delish ..with my cat and Miss Molly the diva cat on my lap

  • Anthea Williams

    My favourite is the Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Shower Cream. I love laying under my warm blankets, drinking a jug of hot coffee and binge watching my favourite series.

  • Rene Groyer

    My winter indulgence is lying in bed with my heating pad on.Its sounds very simple but this appliance is the only way I can keep warm and it also calms and soothes me and eases my aches and pains.Its a lifesaver.

  • Laura

    The perfect winters indulgence is chilling on the couch infront of a fire in my pyjamas, with a cup of tea and slab of choccie and of course my hubby next to me!

  • Alexa

    My fav winter indulgence is snuggling under my cozy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa (baby marshmallows on top for a real treat)!

  • Khadeejah Chotia

    My favourite thing to do in winter is take care of my super dry skin. I do a moisturising scrub at least twice a week. And obviously I love sleeping in late on weekends and staying in.

  • Adriana Grundlingh

    A cuddle with my 5year old under a blankie with the sound of rain outside and ended off with warm cinnamon pancakes!!

  • Marike

    My favourite winter indulgence is taking a weekend road trip with my hubby to a hot springs in the Klein Karoo, spending the days relaxing in the pool and the evening by the fire eating a hot meal and drinking a glass of red wine ?
    It only happens once every winter, so I indulge as much as I can!!
    I also enjoy a good old fashioned soaking hot bath with essential oils!!

  • Leandra

    My most recent winter indulgence and a change of lifestyle is gyming, and already I see the change in my skin, my mood and other aspects of my life like sleep, productivity, creativity etc.

  • Delicia Krause

    Winter is that time of the year when you’re not obligated to be busy. It’s all about me time, family time, cooking up a storm, Netflix overload, fluffy blankies, lighting up the fireplace and indulging in a good Pino. Bliss!

  • Dashmika

    Relaxing with a luxurious face mask in front of the TV,with a good movie and popcorn and Hot Cocoa!!!!

  • Zintle

    My winter indulgence is my favvvoourite butternut soup and some garlic butter panning bread to dip ! So gooodd ?

  • Kathleen Beneke

    I will make it a pajama day, nice and cuddled up under a soft blanket, with nice mug of hot chocolate, with marshmallows on top, watching a romantic movie.

  • Sharleen

    Heater +blankets is a MUST!! I love snuggling up in bed with my pjs and a Huge cup of cappuccino and bag of chips while watching Chick flicks ?

  • Mishenka

    An entire slab of chocolate. It can range from Smarties, to Milk Bar to Aero. I’m not picky ?

  • Anné Britz

    Hot chocolate with Cadbury tumblers (chocolate shortbread balls) cuddled up with a good book or spending some time with my mom, watching movies are my ultimate winter treat. Especially when its softly raining outside.

  • Lesley Hofmann

    Love that you can really snuggle into the duvet at night and not immediately have to throw it off again because you’re overheating. That and gorgeous jersies and boots, wine and dark chocolate, crisp mornings and evenings with the mountains RIGHT THERE instead of being hidden in a heat shimmer …

  • Zita Van Reenen

    My mom’s green peas soup, an abundance of popcorn being in my pj’s as long as I can and Nomu’s sugar free hot chocolate.

  • Nicky

    Amongst hearty warm food, any clothing with fluff and fur on it, and wine of course… my best Winter indulgence is to go months without shaving my legs ?? I am woman, hear me roar! ??

  • Hypebae

    My winter indulgence would be coffee and a really good blend of coffee, chocolate and onesies, apart from those things I love the fact that I can stay in my pjs on the weekend when it’s freezing and I know I can sleep in and watch A good romcom that for me is my ultimate indulgence.

  • Lameez Mahomed

    Literally any time spent in sunshine. Spending my days in the office dries out my skin and has me looking dull. Reading a book in the sun ?

  • Bronwyn Petersen

    Winter is my favorite season ?
    I love to make my son hot chocolate and myself a homemade chocochino while we snuggle in bed and catch up on series. I’m going to miss this in summer?

  • Aadila Emam

    I would love to win this because I do suffer from skin dehydration, specially in winter. Also I’m currently pregnant which is also affecting my skin. Bioderma would really help my skin, and also be a pregnancy treat for me.

  • Maliena Mc Gregor

    My favorite winter indulgence is to be outdoors and soak up the winter sun whenever possible. I love warmth and keeping warm and also take extra care of my skin as it tends to feel dry and undernourished during winter. YES, self pampering, hot chocolate, snacking, soppy movies and my fur blanket…PURE INDULGENCE!

  • Linda Laing

    My indulgence is watching Titanic with a cup of hot chocolate, a slab of bubbly and a big packet of sea salt and pepper hand cooked chips from woollies!! Mmmm

  • Wayne N

    Love winter:)My skin not so much:( I believe in gentle exfoliation using bi carb is so inexpensive,before you shampoo hair add generous pinch to the shampoo mix in your palm and massage tru hair for about 2 mins,before washing your face use a tsp of bi carb to exfoliate then rinse,follow with face wash this will help with deeper penetration and assist with evening the skin from within.for entire body exfoliation use the juice of half a lemon 3tbl of bi carb 1tbl of oats and 1tsp of honey massage into skin and rinse off to reveal a healthy glow:) enjoy 😉

  • Nicia Manders

    Thanking a hot bath and then cuddling with little one while we are watching stories and hubby makes us some hot choclate. Because i can’t leave my little one alone for to long then she starts to cry. So I long for a little alone time thats why I enjoy a hot bath and then go cuddle and watch some movies.

  • Laurika Steenkamp

    I love love love doing absolutely nothing on a cold and rainy day. Much more of that going on this year.

  • Marshni Padayachee

    Snuggling under a blanket with hubby and my 2 baby girls watching a kiddy movie with a bucket of popcorn and hot drinks. Coffee for the adults and Milo for the girls of course ?

  • Denise

    Popcorn and ice-cream. I feel ice-cream is so much tastier when it’s cold ?. And Popcorn for those cold movie nights ❤️

  • Nomfundo Msane

    Snuggling under a blankent sipping some hot chocolate with my daughter a moment away in this cold weather

  • Joslyn

    My winter indulgence is definitely blanket on the couch with comfort food like chocolate, popcorn and chips watching showmax/netflix whilst masking of course. (because skincare is very important especially in winter!) also cuddling up with my partner for extra warmth! I’m definitely a winter baby so I love the cold weather but my skin definitely doesn’t.?

  • Rita McCoy

    Hi, thanks for your tips on winter skin care. I have a six-month-old baby boy. I use Johnson baby lotion for my baby skin care. What do you think about this product? Or can I use your recommended product for my baby? Is it safe for my baby? Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification.

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Rita

    Yes, Johnson’s is good. The best way to know is if his skin is happy with it. If it isn’t reacting to a product you’re using, then it is fine to use.
    I personally use Mustela and Aveeno products on my daughter, as her skin loves them.
    Aveeno is owned by Johnson’s but is has more natural formulations than Johnson’s.

    Hope this helps?


    Thanks for your valuable complement. Another things I want to know from you if I shift from Johnson to Mustela is it suitable for my baby? Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Rita

    Yes, definitely. Mustela was developed for babies.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • soniya

    Hey, Your article is superb… Will definitely try these tips given by you. Your web site offered us with valuable information. Thanks a lot for such a great share! Bookmarked this site for my future reference.