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Nail repair with Sally Hansen

I was most definitely blessed with good nails. They always split, peel and break, so I have to spend a fair amount of time to keep them in decent condition.

Sally Hansen was one of the first brands to launch nail hardener, and it was the first brand I ever tried on my sad nails. As a nail health expert brand, it has a host of nail treatments that will improve and strengthen even the weakest nails. Here is a round up of which works best for which condition.

Miracle Nail Thickener (R120) promises to thicken nails by a whopping 70% in just 4 days. It contains a ceramic and calcium gel combination that reinforces and smoothes nails. This is perfect for soft, thin nails that are prone to excessive bending.

Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment (R120) is a wonderful addition to your manicure routine if you have super dry, brittle nails. You apply it as a base and top coat, and it will act as a growth treatments and strengthener while you wear it.

Diamond Strength Hardener (R120) will instantly bond and seal peeling nails. The formula will stop cracking and splitting, while reinforcing and hydrating, too. You apply it alone to bare nails, or as a base coat.

Maximum Growth (R100) is a daily application treatment that protects and fortifies short nails. The triple-protein and silk formula strengthens bitten and weak nails, with visible results after just one week.

Hard As Nails Hardener (R90) is known as the original nail clinic in a bottle. It smoothes the nails and helps to prevent chipping. It can be worn alone or as a base coat.

Hope this was helpful and decoded the range for you – there are so many products and it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need.