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Protect your skin from pollution free radical damage

We obviously all know that wine is good for us. I drink red wine for the resveratrol 😉.

But if you’re not into drinking wine, Theravine pops it into skincare so you can reap the benefits without stressing our liver. I recently discovered their Daily Defence Finishing Mist (R304).

Free radicals are just atoms with a missing electron, and their only goal is to find another electron so it can become a pair. The problem is that they will scavenge out any electron, from anywhere. They are all around us, in air pollution, pesticides, fried foods and tobacco smoke. These invisible particles cause oxidative stress in the body and can damage cells, proteins and even our DNA. Free radical damage has been linked to illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to name a few. They also cause damage to our skins, and ultimately ages us.

It is important to remember, however, that they also vital for life, as free radicals within the body are a natural byproduct of the body creating chemical reactions to metabolise food and air. They also serve to fight any unwanted substances within the blood. 

But, it is important that a balance is kept and we moderate the amount of free radical causing foods we ingest and make sure we get enough antioxidants in our diet. Antioxidants are basically the free radical police, and they prevent free radicals from poaching electrons from healthy cells by giving them one of their own, essentially neutralizing the threat and then getting rid of any free radical waste within the cells. 

Externally, however, it is almost impossible to moderate our free radical exposure, so our only option is to protect our skin on a daily basis. That is why you hear the word antioxidant featuring in skincare more and more. They are able to stop the free radical particles before they damage the skin. The best-known antioxidants are (there are many and some work better than others for different free radical threats) vitamin C, vitamin E, resveratrol (from red grape skin) and lycopene. These are generally found in colourful fruit and vegetables.

The Theravine Daily Defence Finishing Mist contains 7 plant extracts and the formula has been designed to offer protection against pollution. Now, obviously I can’t tell you how good it is at fighting free radicals in actual terms, but the science is there to say that you WILL be protecting your skin by applying antioxidants.

I’ve been using it as a finishing spray after I’ve finished applying my makeup, and then, if I’m at home, a few times throughout the day – it works a treat at waking you up in the mid-afternoon slump. It sets makeup beautifully and leaves the skin soft and supple. On their site, it says it forms a protective film and I had visions of my face feeling like egg white had dried on it, but you don’t feel it at all.

I think all of us, especially those of us who live in cities or who smoke (I hope you don’t) need this in their daily routine. I suggest including an antioxidant serum before your sunscreen, too, but this spray is perfect for topping up your protection during the day without disturbing your makeup.

You can get yours online here and from selected stockists, find your nearest here.

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