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Review | Thoclor

This is possibly my most over due post, ever (sorry, Stuart and Cat). I first discovered Thoclor nearly a year ago, and have been impressed with it since day one. Thing is that it’s a pretty science-heavy formula, and I, for some reason, have been quite intimidated by it.

This anti-pathogenic molecule has been known about for decades, but stabilizing the formulas has proven to be a huge challenge. Two generations have been created over the years, but both had their problems with excess salt or chlorine and being highly volatile. Cape Town based Thoclor has created a stable, third generation and a range of products that not only fight against serious infection, but also help your skin repair itself, helping it to function at its optimum level.

The secret ingredient is an immune molecule that our bodies create to help protect us from infection and inflammation. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl – as in THOClor) is the molecule our white blood cells produce to assist the body in times of ‘stress’ (inflammation and infection). Until recently, it was thought that we had to have inflammation to enable healing within the body, but a study done at Stanford University has proven that the two are not mutually inclusive – we really only ‘need’ inflammation to start the process, after which it is just a hindrance. This is where Thoclor comes in.

While it can be used in surgery to protect against infection and secondary infection, the brand’s two product focus on skin health. I explain them both later, but for now it’s important to know how they can assist the skin.

We all have some form of inflammation in our bodies. As our first line of defence against the world, our skin takes the brunt of environmental attacks. Free radical damage is a constant daily threat to healthy skin. Pollution, blue light, the sun and even visible light all attack healthy cells, damaging them and ultimately causing inflammation. When our cells are in this panic response, they don’t mature correctly. Well-matured cells are sticky and hold together to form a strong barrier, but in a stress response, they divide immaturely and die quicker. This interruption can cause the DNA in newly formed cells to be compromised, which is why we struggle with conditions like pigmentation. Sadly, the process doesn’t always just stop there, these compromised cells keep reproducing themselves, slowing degrading the DNA, which can eventually lead to cancer.

That is worse case scenario, but if this process is happening in your skin, the best case scenario is that your stratum corneum thickens (that’s the top layer of your skin), giving your skin a dull, sallow appearance; your elasticity diminishes, causing sagging; and your epithelial layer (your skin junctions) become less defined, creating wrinkles.

Now obviously there are intrinsic factors that play a part in these processes, too. In another study at Stanford University, they discovered 2 key genes that contribute to ageing and certain diseases. We can’t get rid of genes, but we can dictate how they behave. Thoclor’s surgical grade formula is able to isolate these genes and switch them off, which means the triggers to these particular processes are muted. Think of it as pressing a pause button on these genes.

That’s the intrinsic factors taken care of, but what about the external ones? The formula assist the body in normalizing cell function, so that they complete full life cycles, and divide into health versions of themselves, creating a stronger, more resilient barrier, and eventually eradicating the compromised DNA cells.

I mentioned that there were two products in the range:

GF1 was created to help the skin recover immediately after invasive treatments like laser, peels and derma needling. Each of these relies on inflammation to achieve the desired results, but there is always a risk of infection, post-inflammatory pigmentation. The GF1 formula will help protect against all pathogens (without damaging your skin’s delicate microbiome), reduce redness and inflammation (for a shorter downtime) and most incredibly, it has been proven to reduce healing time by up to 70%!

GF2 is more of a maintenance product and is indicated for every day skin health. The super-oxygenated formula assists in reversing visible and underlying environmental damage, optimizing cell behaviour, boosting collagen and elastin synthesis, while reducing excess melanin and sebum production. With extended use, this will mean a brighter, smoother complexion with a more tolerant skin with increased hydration and balanced oil production.

And not just that; because of its anti-pathogen and anti-inflammatory properties, it is extremely beneficial in the treatment of acne, rosacea and even cold sores. It will also mitigate keloids and other scarring.

I’ve been using it for nearly a year, and my skin has never been this healthy-looking. Along with a marked reduction in my pigmentation, it has completely changed the texture of my skin – it’s soft and plump (even on days when I’ve struggled with insomnia the night before).

You apply it to clean, dry skin (this is very important because it needs to be in direct contact with the skin), allow to dry before continuing with your regular skincare routine. Once it’s dry, it has done its job, so you can literally use it with any products you want to. There is no risk of reaction if you use it in this manner – most importantly on clean skin. 

It has taken the place of pretty much every other anti-bacterial product in the house. My husband and daughter know it as ‘magic spray’ and use it on grazes, cuts and bites. I even used it once to clear up an annoying sinus infection (not endorsed by Thoclor – I went rogue on that one), and most recently on my laparoscopy wounds and on my 15-year-old dog who was bitten by a nasty spider. We’re both happily on the mend thanks to it.

Technology like this excites me so much, and gives me hope for the future. They showed me slides of test patients who recovered from severe ulcerating radiation dermatitis (those horrible burns you get from radiation treatment) in just 14 days, as well as one who almost completely cleared a nasty squamous cell carcinoma on his scalp in 21 days. I mean, how incredible?

I hope you’re working on a hand sanitizer, Stuart!

If you want to get your hands on a bottle of Thoclor GF1 or GF2 ‘magic spray’, you can but it online from their site, or contact them for your nearest stockist.