Ethnic find: Dr Miracle’s Anti-Breakage Strengthening Creme

Today’s ethnic find is from ethnic hair specialist brand, Dr Miracle’s.

I have had some emails from readers wanting to know what they can do to stop their hair breaking. Ethnic hair is very prone to breakage because the very tight curl the hair has damages the hair shaft, making it weak, and causing it to break off.

The best way to prevent this is to treat hair from the second it comes out of the root, and to continue this as the hair grows.

Dr Miracle’s Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème, R49.99 (available at Clicks) contains a Themalceutical complex that can penetrate the hair shaft, and work deep into the scalp to nourish the hair at its source, promoting hair growth, as well as strengthening existing hair.

Another bonus of the product is that because you are adding nourishment, your hair will also have added shine.

The crème will not make your hair greasy, and can be used twice a day, applied directly to the scalp.

One Comment

  • nicole

    Hi I didn’t start with it yet new to this I peroxide my hair and was recommented the anti breakage cream cause my hair was breaking off I got natural oily hair don’t want it to get to oily so hope it doesn’t make my hair greasy and hope my hair can grow?