Ethnic find from Yardley

Great news for ethnic skins – Yardley Oatmeal treatment foundations are back!

The new formula contains a patented ingredient called AC.NET that not only mattifies the skin; it also helps treat the causes of blemishes and blackheads, while concealing all imperfections.

The delivery systems within the foundation will send more mattifying particles to where they are needed, but also moisturize any dry patches thanks to added minerals. Best of all, the formula has been developed to not clog pores, so it will help prevent further breakouts as well.

It is available in 6 shades, including some great darker shades. It is available in stores now for R64.95 for a 30ml tube.


  • louise steyn

    I am very unhappy. I have been using the light cover foundation (wheat) for more than 20 years and in that time you have changed the packaging so many times and each time I have to go from shop to shop looking it. Just this weekend I went to Edgars, Clicks, Dischem and not one had the wheat except the Testers. the lady at Dischem was kind enough to put a little bit for me in a tube but that is unacceptable. Also I do not understand why you had to change to a 30ml tube when the previous one was 50 ml. Now after all these years I have to find another foundation because of this.

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Louise
    I’m not Yardley, I’m a blogger, and don’t work for them at all.
    Try contacting thier customer service department, and let them know how you feel. The email address is

  • esme scheepers

    My skin specialist recommended yardley oatmeal to me and my skin was beautiful till you withdrawn from the market i am so glad its back on the shelves but like they say expensive and less in the tube