LipSano Lip Care Tub

LipSano Lip Care Tub, R41.95

What they say: Combines a number of world class moisturisers, protectants and nourishing agents together with vitamins and antioxidants to deliver a state-of-the-art lip care product that is guaranteed to moisturize, protect and soothe – all day and everyday. It contains a SPF35 to protect the lip area from the harsh SA sun, and is dermatologically tested and scientifically designed for everyday use.

What we say: Goodness, quite a write-up for a lipbalm!

Despite the hype, I did find it to be highly effective in protecting my lips from sunburn. I did also notice an increased level of moisture, and my lips felt and looked healthy.

I would like to try the stick and tube version as well, as I’m not a huge fan of lip balm in tubs. Although this is great for guys who don’t want to apply from a stick or tube.


  • Thina Temalili

    Good day, my name is Thina, a proud user of your products for several years now. I love your mass lip balms, they are portable, stylish and reliable. i believe they can be even more fuctional. I believe that i have an idea that will help them be just that. It will not only rise the market value, accommodate more people(thus bringig more customers and grow the company to new heights) and will definatley bring sky rocketing profits. I am willing to share my my ideas with you, and hopefully we will be working together in the futheure to give your cusrtomers more affordable and fuctional lip balms. please feel free to email me back @, or call me on 0716257009.
    i would really appriciate your feedback

  • Rouge Beauty Girl

    Hi Thina

    Sorry, I only write about products. I don’t manufacture or sell any.
    You’ll have to get hold of the brand directly.