Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator

The skin boffs at Yves Saint Laurent Skin Science have out-done themselves with their new launch, Forever Youth Liberator.

The science behind it is Über complicated, and at the launch they had to explain it twice before any of us Beauty Eds had any idea about what they were talking about.

I’ll try and explain it as best I can, in good ol’ English, rather than science…



Basically we have things in our skin called Glycans. These look and act a bit like Velcro. Imagine the one side deep under your skin, and the other attached to the surface. When we are young, our Velcro is linked together, so forms a strong signal bond between cells, giving us a young appearance. But as we age, these connections begin to break down, creating lines and wrinkles. With me so far? If one part of Velcro is not attached to its negative twin, it’s no good to anybody – the same goes for Glycans.

Now what the clever peeps at YSL have done is create a complex that can, in essence, reconnect the two bits of Velcro to create full glycans again. This is done with science called Glycobiology, which is the study and area of research into how Glycans work and how they can helps cells regenerate.

Glycobiology was originally used in vaccinations, and there have been 7 Noble Laureates in the field. This innovation by YSL is the first time that Glycobiology had been used in the cosmetic industry. So very impressive stuff, indeed.


That is a very simple explanation on what the active ingredients in the products do, and I’m sure that more than enough for you to take in for the moment. What you will be interested in, however is that when it launched in the UK there was a 5000 person long waiting list! Cripes!

The products deliver anti-wrinkle, lifting, plumping and radiance boosting properties, and can be used from the age of 30, as this is when glycans start to deactivate.

The range comprises 8 products: Eye Creme, R595; Cleansing Foam, R395; SPF 15 Fluid, R925; Lotion R425; 30ml Serum, R850; 50ml Serum, R1095; SPF 15 Cream, R925 and Crème and Nutri Creme for dry skin, R925 each. Available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores countrywide.

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