Red cheeks be gone!

My cheeks go bright red in this cold weather. Is there any way that I can reduce it?

Many people suffer with bright red cheeks in cold weather.

If you are prone to redness, it means that you have a weakened skin barrier, which means that you are more sensitive to extreme environments. Think about the huge change in temperature when you walk into a heated room from outside? Your skin needs to be very strong in order to be able to cope with this.

Look for products that contain cholesterol and linoleic acid, as these help reinforce your skin’s natural barrier. Nimue’s Element Barrier is my favourite barrier cream.

Redness Solutions skincare range

If you need to reduce the redness in a hurry, there is nothing better than Clinique’s Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream, R380. It will calm any redness in minutes. If you struggle with redness a lot, you could also get your hands on the rest of the Redness Solutions range, which includes a Soothing Cleanser, R270; Daily Protective Base, R265 and Daily Relief Cream, R490. There are also two make-up products to cover redness; Instant Relief Mineral Powder and Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder.

Instant Relief Mineral Powder
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