Lancôme La Base Pro Fluid

Lancôme La Base Pro Fluid, R475

What they say: For gorgeous, picture-perfect makeup like a pro, this primer promises a smooth, radiant, canvas for a flawless makeup look. Lancôme’s exclusive Elasto-Smooth™ technology refines skin’s texture and diffuses light to visibly reduce imperfections with a satiny-soft finish. Makeup glides on effortlessly and color stays truer and more vibrant for that right-off-the-runway, air-brushed look that lasts until you take it off. Oil-free.

What we say: I know most people who use primers have oily skin, and need it to stop their make-up from sliding down their necks, but I have the opposite problem,

My skin is dry and foundation likes to settle on dry bits and amplify them by at least 100%.

So after the brand manger suggested I try it anyway, I gave it a go, and am so happy I did. For oily skin it creates something for foundation to hold onto, similarly, it creates a super smooth layer over my nasty dry bits, and makes my foundation sit smoothly and evenly.

My foundation lasts longer when I use it to. I would highly recommend it to, well, anybody. It is quite pricey, but a little goes a long way, and you’ll save on foundation too.


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