Beaucience BB Cream

Beaucience BB Cream, R109.99

Beaucience BB Cream

What they say: This product was specially formulated as an all-in-one multi-functional product, using natural ingredients. It serves as a moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen.

The Beaucience BB Cream contains active ingredients and extracts that have 10 essential skin benefits for an immediate improved complexion and natural look.

·         Helps improve and prevent wrinkles

·         Provides coverage for an even toned appearance

·         Gives your skin a glowing colour

·         Has a broard spectrum protection with an spf 15

·         Brightens skin

·         Protects against free radicals

·         Encourages skin regeneration for a more youthful skin

·         Moisturizes

·         Hydrates

·         Nourishes

The BB Cream also acts as a regenerative anti-inflammatory and is both soothing and healing to the skin.

What I say: BB Creams are great multi-taskers by nature, but this one packs an even more powerful punch as it can help heal and sooth the skin as well.

It delivers a light to medium coverage – it evens my skin tone, but didn’t look like a mask. It lasts all day, without creasing or travelling down the face.

Once I removed it, my skin felt smooth, soft and supple. My only gripe is that I would like a higher SPF so I didn’t have to apply a higher protection cream underneath it.