Pony trekking

The craziest launch is that of Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony for Women Collection.

Following on from the launch of the male collection, this range comprises of 4 different scents inspired by different personality types of women, this is the most intriguing launch for me.

First up is Big Pony 1. Packaged in a light blue bottle, this scent is for sporty, courageous adventure seeking women. A fruity floral that features grapefruit and blue lotus.

Big Pony 2 is a floriential fruity scent for romantic, flirty girls who just want to have fun. Cranberry and Tonka mousse are the biggest notes in the bright pink bottle.

Big Pony 3 is a vibrant optimist who does her own thing, on her own time. Pear and Mimosa are her signature notes in this floral green fragrance set in a yellow bottle.

Big Pony 4 is the most avant garde in the stable (pun intended). She’s stylish and always on-trend, and just loves the purple bottle with yellow number 4. Her key scents are purple amber and wild cherry.

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