The Fame, fame, baby, the fame, fame!

And finally, the most hotly anticipated fragrance of the year – Lady Gaga Fame is here! And no, it doesn’t smell like semen and blood (phew)!

At the highly secretive launch (we had to sign 2 page embargo contracts) all the beauty eds were so surprised at how feminine the scent actually is. The bottle is, rather unsurprisingly, meant to be a gold monster’s claw. It reminds me of the magic elixir bottle in Death Becomes Her.

Incorporating something called “push-pull technology” by the the notes don’t actually follow a traditional pyramid structure, but mix in such a way that they highlight different aspects of each other. But having said that, it does still have 3 different accords. The dark accord is Belladona and incense; the sensual accord includes apricot, saffron and honey drops. The final one is the light accord which sees tiger orchid and Sambac jasmine create a soft, floral finish.

The final surprize is the juice itself. It is the first time that black juice has ever been created. But don’t worry; it becomes invisible when you apply it to your skin. “It’s black like the soul of FAME, but invisible once airborn.” We simply wouldn’t expect anything less from Mother Monster.


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