New look Gatineau

Gatineau, the historical French skincare brand has finally recently revamped their hugely popular anti-aging Melatogenine range.

Probiotics have been added to the range. Probiotics? Aren’t they something you take for your tummy after antibiotics? Yep, same thing. Like your stomach, your skin can also have an imbalance of microflora, which creates a field day for free radicals. (These are the nasty buggers that cause aging). Knowing this, they have added something called Yacon (Peruvian Syrup) extract to the formula to protect your skin from future damage as well as repair current damage from free radicals.

Aren't they pretty

This beautiful new range comprises:

Cream, R825; Advanced Cream, R995; Youth Activating Serum, R795; Eye Cream, R625 and Advanced Eye Concentrate, R795.

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