The thin red line?

Today I’m wearing Inglot AMC Matte Gel Eyeliner 79, R149

Yes, that is a RED eyeliner. This is not something I just decided to do for fun. This took an awful lot of convincing by the very patient Steph at the Canal Walk store. “The red will bring-out the blue in your eyes, hun.” She asserted in her Scottish lit. “Yes, Steph, but I’ve literally just done a post about how cray-cray red anything on your eyes is!” I argued. Anyway, Scottish bullishness won, and I left wearing red eyeliner.

And I have to eat my words. I have worn it 4 or 5 times since, and every time I do, I get compliments. I do like it, and it doesn’t look anything like the Marylin Manson meets geisha nightmare I had in my head. Thanks Steph! X

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