Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Facial Mask

Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Facial Mask, R59.99 (from DisChem)

What they say: This clarifying mask gently peels away impurities with cucumber extract leaves you skin smooth and silky. Leave on for 5-10 minutes or until dry and gently peel off.

What we say: There is something so satisfying about a peel-off mask. I loved pulling this mask off, seeing all the gunk lift away with it.

It took longer than 5-10 minutes. I left min on for 20 minutes before it was dry enough to peel off, so don’t use it if you’re in a rush. The cucumber scent is clean and refreshing, which is fab because many peel-off masks smell horrific!

It left my skin so smooth and soft, it felt like I’d just had a facial.  My skin felt super hydrated, too.


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