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Optiphi Classic Facial

Last week I popped along to Life Day Spa in Cape Town to experience my first Optiphi facial. It’s a local brand based on some serious biotechnology. The results of their clinical trials are quite impressive too, so I was keen to give them a try.

After a skin consultation highlighting my skin concerns, my therapist thoroughly cleansed my skin before exfoliating. This is done under a steamer to help open the pores to rid them of any dead skin, dirt, oil and bacteria. The exfoliator contains microbeads, making it perfect for sensitive skin, as they are much gentler than pips, sugar or salt granules.

This is followed by an incredible acupressure massage using a specially formulated massage oil. The aim of this is to drain toxins from under the skin through the lymph glands. I think this is a great addition to a facial, as you won’t believe the difference it can make to your skin. It gives it an inner glow that no product can achieve.

Once my circulation was boosted, my skin was ready for its Vitamin mask. I had just got back from a month of travelling, and my skin was more than a little tired. This vitamin and anti-oxidant shot got it back to normal again.

To complete the treatment, my therapist applied creams that she assessed would be best for my skin. The three product were; the Eyesigns Activgel around my eye area, Moisture Control Light for deep hydration, and finally Protect the Canvas, Optiphi’s SPF30 sunblock that contains both UVA and UBV protection.

It’s now a week later, and my skin is still as radiant as when I walked out of the spa.  My therapist recommended their facial peel next. Based on how great my skin is looking after the facial, I can’t wait to see what that does for my skin.