First of the summer ‘wine’

So I got sent wine…

So I say ‘wine’, but actually it isn’t. SA law states that anything below 6% alcohol is not wine, and cannot be called so. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not wine. This also means you don’t know what they have added or not added. Just saying.

Two Oceans has just launched Quay 5 – a 3 strong range of low-alcohol ‘wines’. And they mean LOW – all of them are just 5.5%, which, for those of you who don’t know, is crazy low. Most red wines sit around the 14 – 15% mark.

I must apologize to the PR here. You see the thing is, I’m a total wine snob, and would rather not drink than drink low alcohol anything. And I would never even entertain the thought of drinking a wine that doesn’t tell me what grapes I’m actually consuming. The horror! For me, life is just too short! I need a glass of Rust en Vrede Estate just writing about it…

But I do understand that the calorie content of wine is a huge concern for a lot of people – I just don’t know any. Anyway, for the sake of intrigue, and to let you know my honest opinion, I gave them a go. As I’m well aware that I’m not an ideal candidate to test this (I have an imported German wine fridge for goodness sake!) I also enrolled the help of a friend of mine who is, by her own admission, a wine muggle.



The White is sweet. Is smells like a half decent Sauvignon Blanc, but is somewhere between one and a late harvest. Not my fave, but many people will love it. The muggle adored it, and took the rest of bottle home with her! Just make sure it’s freezing cold. It contains just 62 calories per 120ml glass.


Next-up was the Rose. Both of us are used to dry rose’s. This is not. It says it has candy floss aromas. I’m pretty sure it’s grape juice with candy floss dissolved in it. My companion didn’t mind this either, and this too went home with her. This is a calorie up from the white at 63 in a 120ml glass. So, so far, so good.


The Red was last. Well, let’s just say that even my fancy pants aerating Peter Falke glasses couldn’t save this… sorry Two Oceans. Even the muggle conceded defeat for low-alcohol ‘wines’ on this one. I can say with all honesty that this is absolutely, to quote my dear friend and fellow skeptic, Gina “not worth the calories!” Even the measly 64 it has per glass. This of course if you are a red wine drinker – you will recall in horror. But if you like sweet white wine, then I can safely say this is a wonderful red for you.

Even though I won’t be buying any (they retail for R28 each), I think this is a very clever idea, and many people will be thankful for the low calorie option for summer.

They have aligned the brand with fashion, beauty and lifestyle peeps, which is also smart. If you want to see what they’re up to with the brand, trot over here.

If you do have a sweet wine tooth and try one of these, please let me know what you think.


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