Summer count down – 6

In at number 6, I have a beauty ed’s hair favourite, Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

I have been using Moroccanoil for years and years. And thankfully they decided to launch in South Africa last year. No more import duties or begging family to send it from the UK for me. Yay!

Why all the hype? Well, let’s just say that the list of what it doesn’t do for your hair is shorter than what it does. I use the light version, as it’s been developed for light-coloured or fine hair. I have both at the moment. But for those of you blessed with thick tresses, or are kinder to your hair with colour than I am, there is an original version.

You can use it for anything – styling, finishing or as a treatment. The best thing is does is shortens drying time. This means your hair will be exposed to damaging heat for less time.


It also adds protein for strength, omega-3 oils, fatty acids and vitamins for incredible shine, and antioxidants for protection.

It absorbs in seconds, and absolutely won’t weigh your hair down, I promise. I apply to damp hair, and allow it to dry naturally.

It’s available at selected salons nationwide for R380 for 100ml bottle. Have a look at their FB page for more info.

Here’s a little video explaining how to apply Moroccanoil:


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