Summer count down – 5

Number 5 is actually 5 products. Tip Top Nail Chic Summer shades comprise my favourite collection for the season.

The proudly South African brand spoils us every season with delightful on-trend shades. This summer, we have the choice of 5 gorgeous hues.

–       Orange You Lovely is a great Oros orange, that looks much better on your skin than you’d imagine. It looked great on my pale skin.

–       Pink About Us is a bright pale pink.

–       Grape To Meet You is a bright, glittery purple.

–       Ripped Me Red is a hot pink, somewhere between bright red and raspberry.

–       We Have An Agreen Mint is a slightly shimmery lime.

I’ve worn them on my fingers and toes in so many different combinations. My favourite so far was Grape To Meet You on all my nails except my index fingers, where I added a shot of lime with We Have An Agreen Mint.

They are in Clicks stores now for R39.99 each.

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