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Mavala First Class Collection

Way back in February I told you about an exciting launch from Mavala happening in spring.

Well, First Class is here! Their colour boffs have created a colour collection for Spring 2016 inspired by travel; the discovery of new places, the excitement of different cultures and the joy of freedom.

The collection features 6 delicate shades, each inspired by a different place. Quite a few of you put forward you guesses at to which South Africa city was going to be included in this collection. All but one or two of you guessed correctly, but sadly there were only 5 winners in the end. So congrats to those of you who won – I hope you enjoy your colours!


And yes, of course, it was Cape Town that made the cut, being represented by a gorgeous bright red.

The other five shades are Fiji, a pastel pink; Tahiti, a bright coral; Spitzberg, a pale milkshake pink; Long Island, a pink coral; and Cortina, a delicate lavender.

The collection hits stores today!