Saving face

You won’t believe the damage you have under the surface of your skin from the sun.

Still think tanning's a good idea? I thought not. Image:,uk

Trust me – I’ve been subjected to one of those hideous 2D scanning machines that uses ultra violet light to show you underlying damage. It’s horrific!  I didn’t want to have to show you ‘scare’ pictures, but it might be the only way some of you will understand. I still meet women almost daily who think playing with the sun is fine. It’s not girls. Here’s a pic of a beautiful woman who has done just that. Look at the damage hiding under the surface on the right. So just wear sunscreen and a hat, mmkay?

Products below listed left to right

Nimue Sun-C SPF40 Sunscreen, R295

REN Photoactive SPF15 Sun Veil, R495

Africology SPF30 Sun Cream, R190

Nivea Sun Light Feeling Daily SPF50+ Face Sun Fluid, R79.99

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Triple Defense Shield SPF50 Sunscreen, R485


If you really can’t bear to be without a tan, try Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care, R1033.

Sisley Age Minimizing After-Sun Care, R1762, is great for those days where you’ve been outdoors all day, and your skin feels tight (it’s not just for burnt skin). It helps prevent that horrible damage I was talking about earlier from happening.


If you don’t like wearing sunscreen on your face (I give up), them at least look for a day cream that contains SPF.

Revlon HydraBoost Intense Radiance Moisturising Day Cream SPF15, R120

OFRA Vitamin C Cream SPF20, R420

Sanctuary Spa Peptide Protect Day Cream SPF20, R189.99

Almay Time-Off Daily Moisture Lotion SPF25, R299

Clarins Bright Plus HP Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion SPF20, R540

Revlon Age Defying Sculpt-Logic Day Lotion SPF15, R270

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